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The BeClear Method, created by Denise Spatafora, is a proven process/methodology which includes practical tools and experiences that have been utilized and integrated by individuals and organizations to evolve the whole culture toward bold creativity, strategic goals and truly effective communication.

We have proven over two decades that increasing self-awareness, emotional intelligence (Leadership DNA™) and giving people what they need to gain clarity for themselves, to navigate their challenges, careers and communication has people thrive and want to contribute their best.

The BeClear Method is not philosophy and cliché motivations.
Natural outcomes of the BCMethod are goals are met, tensions are reduced, retention increases, money is saved, revenues are boosted and alignment of the individual with the organization to create a more efficient and satisfying everyday culture, whether in person or virtually, is evident.

“The BeClear method is an astonishing combination of wisdom and business grittiness that helped me and my team see the ‘goal,’ the roadblocks we erect to those goals, and the path to our own effectiveness in the world.”
Ralph Sutton – Validity Finance


What world-class leaders are saying

Betsy Dickey

Ready for Reading, Rwanda

Founder & CEO

“I’d sum up working with Denise and the BeClear Method in these words: Clarity, Alignment, Action and “By-When”. It’s really that simple but deeply profound and takes courage, commitment and honesty. Remaining faithful to integrating the work using the BeClear Method tools, I grew in surprising ways I never thought was possible.”

Sean Mills


Former Head of Original Content & Former Onion President

“Denise is a powerhouse with a supernatural ability to cut through to the core issues that need attention to help align a management team. She deeply understands the unique challenges that executives navigate both personally and professionally and helps translate them into a clear action plan to make a real difference. Denise’s impact on our executive team, employee retention, and ultimately our bottom-line were invaluable.”

Thai Randolph

Kevin Hart’s HARTBEAT Productions


“Denise helped me articulate the core challenges and opportunities and literally mapped a corporate strategy and personal vision statement, leaving the company thriving and having grown by every meaningful KPI (revenue, profit and employee satisfaction)”


Proven across thousands of engagements with Fortune 500 executives, CEOs, board alignments and organizational transformations, and featured in the world’s leading publications.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

John F. Kennedy

Denise Spatafora

Denise Spatafora, founder of BeClear Inc., a global business consulting company is renowned for her transformative, strategic work with CEOs and Companies, including Google, Lionsgate, Chanel, and WSJ,using her BeClear Method. The BeClear Method© is a proven propriety leadership development process, that is used by thousands of leaders. Spatafora’s work inside of these companies includes coaching CEOs and executives one-on-one, aligning teams and boards, succession/merger plans and execution and customized off-sites.

Spatafora developed the BeClear Method through a wealth of practical experience, her background as a serial entrepreneur–launching her first company at age 23 in NYC; as well as being adept in conflict resolutions, Spatafora contributed to mediations in Northern Ireland’s notorious sectarian violence. Spatafora and BeClear have received acclaim from such media titans as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Vogue and NBC’s Today Show. A published author, she also parlayed the BeClear Method to create and teach an innovative entrepreneurial curriculum at UCLA and BeClear’s Leadership Development Digital Platform launching in 2024

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“[At Google] everybody knows this Emotional Intelligence thing is good for their career, and every company knows that if their people have EI, they’re going to make a shitload of money.”

Chade-Meng Tan speaking to Wired Magazine
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